Security Tips

For your protection from financial fraud through suspicious communications and messages, always remember:

  • Gulf Finance Company does not introduce any financing products for individuals and has not dealt with individual products at all since its inception.
  • Gulf Finance does not enter or execute financing contracts by communicating by phone, mobile, or e-mail.
  • Neither Gulf Company nor any of its employees will request your personal or financial information over the phone.
  • Neither Gulf Finance nor any of its employees will ask you to share the authentication and identification codes sent to your mobile phone.
  • Gulf Finance and none of its employees will never ask you to enter any personal data, such as customer reference or the password for the phone banking service.
  • Gulf Finance does not have online payment or electronic payment channels.
  • Neither Gulf Finance nor any of its employees will ask you to update your data over the phone. We also ask you not to disclose or share any personal information over the phone.
  • Do not download any file or click on any link that you receive from an untrusted source or sent by a person unknown to you. 

To protect your information and personal data, please do not respond to these communications, do not share any personal, bank, or financial data, and do not transfer any money to an unknown party without verifying the source and promptly reporting it to the responsible authorities of the Communications Authority on the toll-free number 330330.

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